About the Course

This course is an opportunity to learn mindfulness and somatic experiencing with nature to deepen connections to the Elements and their potential to support our Healing from Trauma.

The places of trauma you have experienced in your life need your attention and loving care. Most often we have a difficult experience and just “move on” from it. However, when we approach these difficult experiences in this way- we don’t really get a chance to heal or resolve from the difficulty. And in these cases trauma becomes stuck in our bodies, impacts the ways in which we experience freedom and the ability to experience the relationships and activities we may want to enjoy in life.

The teachings and practices offered in this course are a path to healing. They are designed to provide you safe and supportive practices to explore healing the places you may feel trauma has caused you to be stuck. Mindfulness, somatic healing, and nature invite you to come home to yourself, to reside with ease, possibility, and love in your life. Take this journey of healing for yourself to support transforming trauma and fully living into your life.

Each week in this course we will explore how the Elements- Earth, Air, Water, and Fire- can support Healing Trauma. With each Element, we will learn how to find skillful ways to support awakening the body, mind and hearts to heal trauma. Earth Element- grounding, stabilizing, rooting us in life; Air Element-lifting, moving us to feel into the rhythms of life; Water- adapting, flowing, forming us into ways we can fluidly experience life; and Fire Element-warming, enliving, passionately awakening us into life.

The wisdom of mindfulness and somatic meditations with the Elements in nature come together to transform trauma and heal. You will learn various practices and practical ways of connecting to the elements for healing the traumas in your life.

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